The Ket Keptu, also referred to only as Keptu, were one of the many breeds of men. They inhabited centralHammerfell by the time of the Second Empire, and were described along the Ashlanders of Morrowind, Reachmen of Western Reach and Kothringi of Black Marsh as "barbaric" races.

Culture Edit

According to Seif-ij Hidja of Black Marsh, the barbarous tribes that inhabit the "hinterlands" (as he puts it) of Tamriel all share strikingly similar tastes in apparel. In his book series, Racial Motifs, he states that the tribal, clannish races "simply disdain all ideas of tasteful restraint, preferring the lurid and bizarre," rather than being less sophisticated than other cultures. He also mentions typical accouterments common in the different tribes, such as "skulls, antlers, feathers, strings of teeth, accents of beaten copper, and weapons ostentatious in size and number," although nothing is specifically connected to the Keptu. The Keptu were among the races enslaved by the Ayleids in Cyrodiil during the First Era. Zuathas the Clever-Cutting Man was described as "a Nede with a Keptu name" during "Slave Queen" Alessia's uprising in 1E 242-243.

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