The Sinistral Elves, also known as Lefthanded Elves or Left-Handed Elves, were a race of Mer who lived on the continent of Yokuda. It is implied they were entirely destroyed by the Redguards in a war between the two races, and the survivors died with the sinking of Yokuda. They are thought to have created the Orichalc Towerof Yokuda.

History Edit

The Sinistral Elves had, at one point, formed an Empire that stretched across the entire continent of Yokuda, before the land was submerged. The Empire was said to be four times as large as the Septim Empire. The Sinistral Elves were very accustomed to desert living, and their wizards could create cities out of the sand in minutes. The Redguards learned how to make scimitars and turbans from the elves. Other accomplishments of these elves were learning to defend against sandstorms, tunnel through the sand at an amazing rate, as well as creating armor from sand and sandstone.

For thousands of years, the Sinistral Elves were bitter enemies of the ancient Redguards, the Yokudans. During theMerethic Era, the Na-Totambu warred to a standstill to decide who would lead the charge against the Elves. The Yokudan deity Leki intervened and a leader was decided, and war was then declared on the Elves. Diagna, an avatar of the deity Hoon Ding, brought Orichalcum weapons to the Yokudans which were instrumental in defeating the Elves.

Legacy Edit

No Sinistral Elves were reported to have reached Tamriel. Their final defeat in the Yokudan-Sinistral War and the sinking of their continent implied that the race was all but extinct. The Yokudans' hatred of the Sinistral Elves stayed with them on Tamriel, as their extermination of elven settlements in Hammerfell was also fueled by their past. Their descendants, the Redguards, no longer speak of them, as to recall their abominations only "serves to darken their days."

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